Harry Birkholz


Harry Birkholz
March 28th, 1950 - May 26th, 2011

Harry Birkholz was born in Bergisch Gladbach, Germany.

At eleven Harry was initiated into drawing by his father and began to study painting at 14 with Dr.Schwarzfeld in Cologne.

He continued to study painting and art education with Dieter Lukas-Larsen in Düsseldorf.

At 20, Harry fathered a son named Patrick.

Harry was initiated into Transcendental Meditation and started studying western astrology.

By 25 years old, Harry exhibited his work in Germany and later in Belgium.

Harry married his third wife Marianne Obozinski from Brussels, where he lived from 1991 to 2011.

Even though Harry used oil in the beginning of his career, all his life he remained faithful to water-color. He loved this medium so much and went deeper into mastering techniques essential to his work, based on Oskar Kokoschka's teaching.

Full of energy, Harry explored acrylic, pencil drawing, gouache, pastel and ink on all sorts of materials: paper, cardboard, canvas, slides, photographs, collage, etc… to see the gallery.

By mastering those techniques, it enabled Harry to express himself spontaneously and in a contemporary way.

Harry was also a remarkable teacher who used dynamic, playful and very contemporary ways of teaching. He taught these unusual drawing and painting techniques to a large number of people. These art sessions enabled Harry's students to open their artistic souls and search their individual creative core.

Harry Birkholz was a man of great vision: he had access to an inner world where colors and light shine brightly.

Throughout his life, Harry meditated and deepened his knowledge of Vedic astrology.

He developed the concept of Astro-Logos and led hundreds of sessions interpreting astrological birth charts.

From early on, Harry was a musician and enjoyed playing the guitar.

By 1996, he was composing prolifically on his electronic piano.

Harry recorded two CDs and some fifty cassettes.

His true love for music was a reflection of his personality and made him a well-informed collector.

Harry's wide and diverse knowledge ranged from political matters to spiritual. Harry had a curious, freedom loving-mind. He constantly sought the truth with his subtle humor and intelligence. His joy for life and his compassion touched all those who knew him.

Harry Birkholz leaves all of us with the feeling of having had the privilege of meeting a great man with a rare kindness, extreme tact and profound humanity.

Harry was an explorer of the soul, self-taught...he never stopped to broaden and deepen his knowledge throughout his life as a 'Free Spirit'.

Harry devoted his life to loving those close to him and consecrated his life to Creation.

Marianne Obozinski. August 2012

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