If you would like to give testimony you can pay tribute to Harry in his biography, by writing down some of your memories of your friendship. Thank you sincerely for your contributions.


  • The exhibition and events linked to the "Bransk Project" took place in Marcel Hastir's studio in May 2014 thanks to the dedicated support of Fiona and Chaim Shapiro, Simon Gronowski, Sabina Bhawani, Alain Merzer, Jean-Claude Bodson, Françoise Cardinaux, Marie-Thérèse Kastl, Claudine Kantor, Jaqueline Adam as well as all our friends : Nathalie and Frans, Sumitra and Janak, Geneviève, Christiane, Guy, Damien, Cathelyne, Catherine, Sabrina and Pol, Jacqueline, Chantal, Régine, Simon, Harmonie, Zénolie, Kenza…and all the members of L'Atelier Marcel Hastir and the team of the "Ligue de l'Enseignement et de l'Education Permanente". To everyone I would like to extend my profound gratitude for sharing Bransk with me and for their help. Find out more in the tab entitled "Exhibitions" which includes the photos and the 4 videos of a visit of the exhibition and the preview on 3rd May as well as the pdf text "Bransk Project May 2014 Program". The pdf text "Bransk Project" explains the origin behind the concept of this exhibition initiated by Harry in 2009 and finally realized in 2014. Through the history of a Jewish family, the Shapiros, we honour the memory of the destiny of millions of people.
  • All of my gratitude goes to Cathelyne Deraedt who assisted me in the realization of a repertoire of over 2000 photos of drawings and paintings.
  • All my energy is now focused on writing the biography "Harry Birkholz. His life and his work". See more under the tab entitled "Books".

Thank you for participating in our journey with your suggestions!
To all those who would like to acquire a painting, please
contact me directly.

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